Voyager Flight Software System

Voyager Flight Software System 3.0

It is a complete software system that makes flying safer and more enjoyable
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The Voyager Flight Software System is a complete software system that makes flying safer and more enjoyable. Preflight, it will check the weather (a complete and legal briefing) and plan a wind-optimized, fuel-price optimized flight. In flight, it puts a tremendous amount of information at your fingertips in a way that's quick and easy to understand.

Voyager is modular so you can buy as many or as few features as you need and upgrade easily if your needs change. There are packages tailored for VFR pilots, IFR pilots and for those who carry a tablet PC into the cockpit for in-flight use. You can also purchase each module separately, but most pilots begin with one of the complete packages.

Main Features :

- Exclusive new SmartFuel™ uses current fuel prices to find the cheapest fuel along your route. Voyager Charts now show fuel prices right on the screen for every airport.
- True 3D wind optimized autorouter gets you there faster and using less fuel.
- New Google Maps integration shows you a satellite image of airports so you know what it looks like before you call the tower.
- New Google Earth integration means you can pre-fly your flight in photo-realistic 3D, with real satellite images.
- Exclusive Web Synch makes it a snap to share flight plans and plane/pilot profiles between multiple computers.
- New Memory Card Synch lets you use a memory card or USB memory stick to bring all your data with you and run Voyager on any PC.
- Integrated satellite and radar overlays and seamless Internet connectivity means everything you need is in one place; no browsing a dozen or more Web sites for weather, fuel prices, FBO info, etc.

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